Stories with Morals

Story Lessons

Character building, teaching morals, teaching respect and manners are essential subjects in the curriculum of life.

When the timing is right, the ability to learn a particular task might well be enhanced. This is referred to as a “teachable moment.” Story lessons can be utilized to encourage those teachable moments in an arena that children enjoy: reading on their own or being read to.

Such teachable moments afford the perfect opportunities by which to instill a special moral truth. At school or at home such stories are perfect for those lesson times.

Your children will enjoy reading these stories over and over again, providing you with valuable opportunities to discuss their moral value. And, through the value of repetition, as you use these story lessons, they become so familiar that their mere mention serves as a gentle reminder of any tiny error in judgment.

Story teaching is an ideal way of conveying truths and teaching character and values to children, and these stories with morals will enable your children to see and contrast the good with the bad, and learn to choose the good. They’ll be delighted to learn and put into practice the lessons learned in their stories.

Following Directions

The Tortoise and The Ducks

Problem Solving

The Boy and The Jar

The Crow and The Pitcher

The Grocer and The Donkey

Three Fish

Benjamin Bear


The Goose That Laid Gold Eggs

Deciphering Truth or Fiction

The Puppy and The Shadow

The Wise Goat

The Partridge in The Net

Listening to Advice

The Young Fox

Two Doves

The Farmer and His Sons

The Mouse’s Visit

The Shepard

Being Mean

The Boys and The Frogs

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

The Mouse and The Frog

The Blackbird and The Dove

Being Nice

The North Wind and The Sun

The Tyrant


The Farmer and His Sons

How The Body Works

Helping Others

The Happy Family

The Ant and The Dove

The Lion and The Mouse

The Cobbler and The Rich Man

Losing Control

The Camel’s Head


The Two Goats

The Oxen and The Lion

Pride and Vanity

The Vain Crow

The Acorn and the Pumpkin

The Cat and the Fox

The Fox and The Crow

The Heron Who Was Hard To Please

The Fox and The Crow

The Tree Leaves


The Dog and His Image

The Fox and The Stork

The Greedy Dog


The Grasshopper and the Ant

Being Satisfied

The Unhappy Donkey

The City Mouse and Country Mouse

The Donkey in The Lion Skin

The Raven and The Eagle


The Lion and The Gnat


The Dove and The Ant

Benjamin Bear


The Fox and The Grapes

The Hare and The Tortoise


The Hunter and The Farmer


The Mice in Council

The Wolf, Goat and Kid


The Monkey and The Cat

Thinking for Oneself/Self Reliance

The Miller and The Ass

The Ice King

The Wolf, Goat and Kid

The Wagoner

The Lark and The Farmer

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

The Fox in The Well

Trust and Deceit

The Horse and The Wolf

The Fox With The Short Tail


The Birds, The Beasts and The Bat

The Bees, The Drones and The Wasp

The Woodsman’s Ax


The Horse and The Donkey

Preparing for Disaster

The Ice King


Benjamin Bear

What's more fun than reading Fables and Fairy Tales?

Acting in them, of course! Plays create a great hands-on lesson opportunity. Our plays are all adaptations of all-time favorites such as Grimms, Aesops, Hans Anderson, old legends and stories past through the ages.

All have been transformed into action plays. And as we've seen with all fables, there’s usually a moral lesson to learn.

Still true! Each play portrays that moral lesson, as usual. What better way to drive home that valuable life lesson? While performing each play, your children experience first hand, these lessons.

It’s always a good day for a Fable Play

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Teachable moments for all of life's important challenges come to us in many varied ways. Story lessons in character building and teaching virtuous behavior might be nicely highlighted while utilizing our Stories with Morals. Hope you have enjoyed your time on this most valuable page. Thank you for reading.

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