Bedtime Stories

When you think bedtime stories what are the qualities you look for?

When I think bed time story, I think short stories for kids. Short enough to finish in one sitting.

They must be soothing, calming, and easy to read kids stories with an easy plot.

Absolutely no confusion or intriguing thoughts. I want to promote sleep.

A bed time story must, absolutely, have a happy ending.

And absolutely no monsters or scary moments.

If the story has a moral or a lesson to learn - that’s ok - but, for me, it’s not an absolute.

When I think bedtime stories, I’m not concerned so much about having alot of fun. Right now, it’s all about the quality time.

It’s a quiet moment between you and your children sharing an engaging short story and promoting peaceful rest.

The Nestlings

Tales of Jasper Jay

Jolly Robin Learns to Fly

East of the Sun

Billy Bunnys Adventures

Little Jack Rabbit

Doctor Dolittle

Billy Bunny and His Friends

Billy Bunny and The Fairy

Billy Bunny's Visitors

Dame Cricket

Uncle Wiggily Adventures

Uncle Wiggily Meets Mother Goose

Uncle Wiggily and his Woodland Friends

Uncle Wiggily in the Woods

Uncle Wiggily in Wonderland

Uncle Wiggily and The Magic Icicle Maker

The Tales of Peter Rabbit

Lily and The Lion

The Miller s Mouse

The Rocking Horse

The Story of Humpty Dumpty

The Frost King

The Visit to Fairy Land

Snowball Lamb

The Circus

Follow My Leader

Snowball Lamb and The Bear

Three Little Gnomes

The Muley Cow

Little Bud

Why Evergreen Tree Keeps its Leaves



The Happy Rattle

Crow Talk

Recipe for a Happy Day

Meet Raggedy Ann

Raggedy Ann and Andy

Benjamin Bear

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Chapter Books

Chapter books lend well to the evening story. You have the benefit of reading a longer story in pieces. One piece (chapter) per night till you've at last devoured an entire book. Plus it keeps the little ones eager for their latest chapter every evening.

Alice in Wonderland

Story Lessons

Don't you just love all of the old classic fairy tale stories? We have a great selection. Be sure you don't miss our wonderful collection of classic Fairy Tales and Fables.
Fantasy, fun and magic galore.
Perfect for sharing and enjoying at bedtime or anytime.

Fairy Tales

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