All About Trains

Get ready to learn all about trains and cars and planes and things that go fast and things that go slow.

This is the old gentleman who used to walk in front of steam-driven carriages on the King's highway.

He carried in his hand a red flag which he waved.

This is the train engine which always came behind the old gentleman, and made such a dreadful noise.

If the roads were good it could travel four miles in one hour.

This is the old gentleman getting out of the way of a motor car.

This is a motor omnibus for carrying a number of persons.

If you see one in the street you can stop it and have a ride for twopence.

This is a motor van. It is used by the shopman to deliver parcels to his customers, and as it has his name and address on the sides and back it is a good advertisement for him.

Every shopman should have a motor van. They look so smart.

This is a toy motor car which runs round and round when you wind it up.

This is a toy motor car made of lead looping the loop.

This is a toy motor car in which you can sit and have a ride if you work the pedals with your feet. It has a steering wheel just like a real car.

This is a motor bicycle, which saves you the trouble of working the pedals.

It can go quite fast, but if it breaks down it is very heavy to pedal home.

This is a motor air-ship. Some day we shall all have them.

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