Kids Poems Are Fun
Have Some!

Kids, young and old, love a rhyme. Kids poems are just fun.

Sometimes poems for kids are nonsensical.
Sometimes they teach a moral.

But always, a poem will encourage a giggle.

Even though kids have fun reading poems, they're more than just fun.

Rhyming makes reading childrens poetry predictable.

Young readers feel a sense of accomplishment by anticipating the way a poem might end.

The simple structure, imagery, and rhythm of a kid's poem makes comprehension easy - reinforcing the sense of accomplishment.

Kids poems can be powerful self esteem builders.

Laugh a little
Learn a little
Have a lot o' fun

ABC Poems

Do You Wonder Why?

Off The Ground

Serenade of the Bee

Someone Came Knocking

Come Out To Play


Song for a Fifth Child

Fuzzy Wuzzy

Tug O War

My Pencil


The Little Maid

Picking Berries

When the Moon Peeps

Ferdinand Frog

My Pillow

The Lost Shoe

Nicholas Nye

Goose On The Loose

Am I Sorry?

This Wonderful World

Little Old Cupid

Jim Jay

Play Time

A Fine Bird


The Ship of Rio

The Mad Prince

The Shadow Child

Raindrop Children

The Echo

The Old Soldier

Little Green Orchard

The Golden Rule

Grandma's Cookies

My Doggie

The Wind

April Showers

Robin Red Breast

Blue Bird's Garden

Funny Doggies

Sams Memory Poem

There Was A Monkey

The Opera Glasses

The Mirror Child

Breakfast In Bed

The Family Photo

My Gingerbread Man

Baa Baa Black Sheep

Night Things

My Little Brother

Topsy Turvy World

Tillie Turveycombe

Unruly Things

Hollyhock Friends

In My Mother's Lap

My Kitten

Mr. Moon

My Father's Socks

The Father Poem

Haying Time

Christmas Land

Flower Painters

The House That Jack Built

Jack Sprat

The Cure For Feeling Sad

Yellow Dog

Good Night


Contented John

Alice's ABC Poem Part I

Alice's ABC Poem Part II

The Alphabet Zoo

The Honey Robbers

Poems About Flowers

Day of the Week

Johnny Crows Garden

The Thief

Jack and Jill short version

Jack and Jill long version

Jenny Wren

Jack Be Nimble

London Bridge

Little Bo Peep

Little Bird

Little Boy Blue

Pat A Cake

Little Miss Muffet

Mulberry Bush

Old King Cole

Old Mother Hubbard

One Two Buckle My Shoe

Old Woman

Pease Porridge

Queen of Hearts

Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater

Rain Rain Go Away

Sing a Song of Sixpence

Three Blind Mice

Wee Willie Winkie

Where Are You Going?

Who says you have to be long (or tall) to be important?

Here's a collection of short, quick and fun childrens poems who've joined together to make one really great collection - all on one page.
Buckle up! It's quick, but it's fun!

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