Why Do Famous Inventors Wonder Why?

Famous inventors wonder why. Do you?

Do You Wonder Why?

Do you wonder why witches always wear black,
And ride with their brooms flap, flapping out back?

Do you wonder why elephants always have noses,
That look more like long, wiggly, squiggly hoses?

Do you wonder why orange is their name and their color,
Why, then, are lemons called lemons not yellows?

Do you wonder why diamonds are sparkly bright,
Is it diamonds that shine in the sky every night?

Do you wonder why strawberry ice cream is pink,
And if broccoli was too, would you eat it? Ya think?

Do you wonder why kids who eat all their broccoli,
Are happy and healthy not sneezey and squabbley?

Do you wonder why summer is always so hot,
And the freezing, cold winter is - brrrrrr - never not?

Do you wonder why chickens hatch from an egg,
And which pops out first, his head or his leg?

Do you wonder why when you use your eraser,
Your words disappear from the spot where they once were?

Do you wonder why running is good for your feet,
But the running of noses is not very neat?

Do you wonder why smelling is good from your noses,
But not so much when it comes from your toeses?

Do you wonder about things? We all do! People have been wondering about things all throughout history. If we never wondered about anything at all, how boring life would be.

When you read a book about sailing on a river boat, do you wonder what it would be like? When you read a book about riding a camel, do you wonder what it would be like? When you look at a beautiful picture or sing a great song, do you wonder about doing that too?

Famous inventors like Ben Franklin, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Sir Isaac Newton and Galileo wondered about something. More than wondering, though, they let their imaginations grow within their wondering minds. They played with the thoughts that they wondered about. They imagined how their lives might be different. They imagined the things they could do with the things they wondered about. They played with those thoughts in their minds and soon their imagination led them to more ideas, more discoveries and more fascinating creations. It was their ever expanding imaginations that allowed them to turn their wondering thoughts into useful and interesting inventions. Inventors and inventions have made our lives easier and more interesting, more beautiful, or sometimes, just more fun.

We all wonder, but it’s what we do next that will make each one of us very different.
Unique. Special.

So go ahead and wonder to your hearts content.
In fact, I’m wondering what you might invent!

An inventor is a curious person. He wonders about things. He sees things in his mind’s eye and wonders about them in different ways until something sparks in his imagination and leads to his new invention. Creating or inventing to a curious person with an inventive mind is like play. Thomas Edison once said “I never did a day's work in my life, it was all fun".

Sometimes an inventor will get an idea seemingly out of thin air. Sometimes they will dream an idea and then ponder on it for days or months or years until they develop the answer to their problem. Sometimes an inventor will invent something by sheer accident. They might be searching for an answer to one problem when all of a sudden a new question arises and then following is its answer. The invention of the post it note sticky pad is a perfect example. Inventions aren’t always successful at first. Sometimes it takes many, many failures to come to the right answer. The important thing is to never give up! With every failure you are really succeeding at something. You are succeeding at finding out what didn’t work!

Once upon a time, every one of the most famous inventors were children just like you!
Maybe someday someone will write a story about you and your invention idea!

Now let your imagination wonder
To your hearts content
I’m wondering what great invention
You will invent

Albert Einstein said:

“Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.”

Creativity is like a muscle.
The more you use it the more powerful it becomes.
The more you exercise it the stronger it gets.

Your imagination is the muscle of your mind.
When your mind is active and powerful your imagination grows.

If you think you can’t – you won’t
If you think it’s hard – it will be
Every day - try to wonder why
And no matter what - never give up
Success you will achieve
If only you believe!

Play The What if Game


Albert Einstein said:

“You never fail until you stop trying.”

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Here is a very Interesting Creation. I say again, you never know what someone might invent!

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Why Do Famous Inventors Wonder Why?

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