The What If Game

Let's play the what if game!

Is your imagination warmed up and ready to go?

What if strawberry ice cream was green?
What if little boys had tails?
What if little monkeys loved peanut butter and jelly sandwiches instead of bananas?
What if little girls loved playing with spiders and snakes and squishy, icky, wormy things?
What if the sky was green and grass was blue?
What if water was brown and dry and dirt was blue and wet?

What if . . .

This game can go on forever –

There are so many things to ponder if you let your imagination free to wander.

There are, truly, endless creative play possibilities to a sentence that begins with “what if.”

What If?

What if broccoli was the color of rich, creamy, chocolate ice cream?
What if chocolate ice cream was green?

What if ice cream was named broccoli and broccoli was named ice cream?
Would Mom insist you eat all of your ice cream before you could have your bowl of broccoli?

What if lemons were orange and oranges were yellow?
Would we call lemons oranges and oranges yellows?

And what if you could fly?
Would you be a bird or a big silver airplane?
Or maybe you’d like to be just as you are with a pair of soft, fluffy white wings.

Sound silly? Well, then . . .

What if silly meant logical and logical meant silly?

If all of this were so, I know one thing would be true

This poem would make perfect sense.

Yes, the poem was silly, but that’s what makes the what if game so much fun. It can be as silly or as serious as you like. It stimulates the mind and activates the critical thinking skills that may just be stagnating in front of the TV or the newest video game. An imagination is a terrible thing to waste. What will you imagine when you imagine. . .

What if . . .

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