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Tag You’re It!
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Fun, Active Games for Kids of All Ages
Let’s Pretend
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Get Those Bodies Moving With Fun Imagination Games

Kindness Journal
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Pdf Journal Printables Plus Easy Steps Checklist
Let’s Eat!
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Easy and Creative Ways to Kick Up the Fun at Your Next Picnic.

Can one person really make the world a better place?

Yes, you can.

It all starts with one person. Take that journey.

You'll be glad you did.

Kindness Journey

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6 Month Tracker
Sharing Pieces of My Heart
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Kid’s 30 day Kindness Journey Challenge

Do you journal? Have the kids started a journal or a diary? I love journaling. It's fun and rewarding and just an all-around great hobby to begin. If you haven't started your journaling journey yet, check out this article. How To Journal It might just be the new hobby you and the kids have been looking for.

Got artists? A Drawing Idea Prompt Book is so much fun for juicing the creative thought processes. It’s a drawing prompt book with lots of pages for creativity, drawing and visual expression. Prompts on the top of each page help get the ball rolling - Your little artists take it from there.

Carry their drawing sketch book with them everywhere, so it’s ready when inspiration strikes. All the while growing their imagination and building their creative thought processes.

Drawing is a great cure for those “I’m bored” moments.

Creative Kids Drawing Prompt Idea Book
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Growing the Imagination One Picture at a Time
Benjamin Bear
The Busy, Buzzy Bees
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Sweet story with a subtle message

It's Our Very Own
Haiku Poem Book
We did it - You did it
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Haiku poems written by children in their own words.
Our book is officially on the shelves.

I'm sure you've had the opportunity to read our selection of haiku poetry. And you will know those poems have been submitted and written by you, our readers.

Well, now, it's officially a real hold-in-your-hand book, you can own and share with your friends. And it contains all of your great haiku poems.

If you submitted a poem, I thank you. Congratulations.

Pick up your copy today

Are you fascinated by elephants? You’re going to love our newest elephant book. Introduce your child to the fascinating real world of elephants. “Can You Touch Your Toes” is an elephant story. Real life elephant pictures filled with real facts about the elephant. Does your nose reach all the way to your toes? Go on, give it a try. Didn't think so. Well, if you were an elephant, it would be very easy. “Can You Touch Your Toes” playfully compares everyday human activities to those of the elephant. Imagine an elephant in your bathtub, or jumping on a trampoline. And, just how does an elephant greet a friend? I guarantee it’s not at all like the way you greet your friends. Have some fun learning real facts about elephants and the comparisons to things we humans do every day.

Did you know that plays are actually beneficial for teaching language skills? Our plays are written with education and fun in mind. - Always! Your children will learn valuable skills in such a fun and entertaining way. We know you'll find one here to help your children on the path to learning through creative play.

Nursery Rhymes Playscripts

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Besides being beneficial for teaching language skills, plays do so much more. They are also very instrumental in developing confidence and social skills, critical thinking skills, along with reading comprehension and development. Essential communication skills (verbal and non-verbal) are enhanced through drama.

We’re all familiar with team work and its valuable life lessons. Acting in a play requires team work.

Another highly documented benefit to a child’s social growth is participating in role play. That’s what acting in a play is! - Role play.

Even kids who complain about not wanting to read are interested in the dramatizations. Let’s face it, not all children like to sit with a book in their hand. Some are hands-on learners. Yes, another benefit to a play.

Introducing children to this format when they are young is a great means of instilling these valuable life lessons.

Familiarity is a good thing when it comes to getting children’s cooperation. Is it not? They are sometimes not so eager to try new things, but once they dive in, they might just be hooked!

Your plays will come to you in pdf format. Easily downloaded and ready to print individually. As many copies as your needs demand.

Fable Plays Volume 1

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Fable Plays Volume 2

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The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Play

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Want to save some money?

We've bundled the 3 sets above (Fables Volumes 1 & 2 plus The Mad Hatter) into one great big bundle and at a savings of almost 50% off the individually priced sets. You can read about it here. BUNDLE SPECIAL

You'll get all of them for only $8.50 Bundle Price. All the same great plays - just a sweeter deal. Love that!

Of, course, if you'd rather, you can still purchase any one of them individually.

How The Camel Got His Hump



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