Let’s Have a Picnic!


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Theme Picnics

Who doesn’t love a picnic?  Fresh air, great food.  Family – friends - fun and food.  Wow.  Yes.  I’m in. 

How about we kick it up a notch and instead of just having the standard, average picnic fare, we plan our day around a theme?  Put a little pretend in our day along with the great food and great fun.

Here’s a few highlights of the picnic ideas you’ll find inside Theme Picnics:

·         Recipe ideas, plans, decorating and setting ideas to set the stage and mood for 12 different theme picnics.

·         Picnic at the ball park – in your own back yard.

·         A day at the beach without the beach?

·         Move uptown with a sophisticated 5 Star theme.

·         Ahoy Matey.  It’s the Pirate’s life for me. Aaargh!

·         Shake the dust off your spurs and have a bowl of mess around the ole cook fire.  It’s a cowboy dream.

·         Feelin’ nostalgic?  Go back in time with a retro theme. 

·         Spend the day in high gear with a full-on exercise boot camp day picnic.  Not for the faint at heart.

·         And, more . . .


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