Kids Christmas Stories
Other Holiday Tales

Holidays with children are special times.

Kids Christmas stories and poems, as well as Easter stories, Thanksgiving stories and Halloween stories offer an opportunity to expose our kids to the differences in cultures and traditions of different lands and of different eras.

Every country, every culture, every family has a special tradition or unique way of celebrating their holidays.

Many cultures and traditions remain the same throughout the ages, but many change as time passes. Children enjoy hearing stories of the holiday celebrations and of children from long ago.

Reading children’s Christmas stories such as “The Christmas Carol” or “The Night Before Christmas” are a tradition in many families. Are they your tradition? It’s not too late to start!

I hope you enjoy the many stories and poems we’ve compiled here and maybe one will spark a new tradition in your family celebrations.

Christmas Stories

The Night Before Christmas

A Christmas Carol

The Christmas Cuckoo

Little Piccola

The Stranger Child

Saint Christopher

The Christmas Rose

Saint Nicholas

The Pine Tree

Here's a fun little activity page!
Type in any Christmas song
Watch how the puppets respond.

Thanksgiving Stories

To Grandmother's House

The Master of the Harvest

The First Harvest

St. Cuthbert's Eagle

Ears of Wheat

The Spirit of the Corn

How Indian Corn Came Into World

Halloween Stories

Teeny Tiny Woman

The King of Cats

Little Orphant Annie

The Benevolent Goblin

The Phantom Knight

The Mouse and The Sausage

The Legend of Rheineck

The Spider and The Flea

Here’s a Halloween Chapter Book. Begin early. There’s 8 chapters to enjoy in anticipation of your Halloween celebrations.

Halloween at Merryvale

Turn on your speakers!
Put on your scariest costume and enjoy this fun, classic

Halloween Music Video

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YAY! It’s

Easter Stories

A Lesson In Faith

Here comes Peter Cottontail

St Valentines Day Stories

Cupid and Psyche

Presidents Day Stories

George Washington and Abe Lincoln

Arbor Day Stories

Little Tree

The Proud Oak

May Day Stories

Three Little Butterflies

American Holidays and Heroes

In America, our Heroes are very important to us. The stories of how and why they are called heroes are told and retold over our history. Some of our holidays have grown out of the actions of these heroes. I hope you enjoy reading about these men and woman and the American holidays we enjoy.

Fourth of July Strike

Betsy Ross and the Flag

Star-Spangled Banner

Paul Revere

Patriotic Poems

Flag Day

An Old Story of the American Flag

The Boston Tea Party

The Declaration of Independence

History Stories

Christopher Columbus - A Poem

Christopher Columbus

Johnny Appleseed

To Nursery Rhymes Home

We hope you enjoyed our kids Christmas stories and the many other holiday stories we offer.

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