One Two Buckle My Shoe

Proving that nursery rhymes and children everywhere are universally similar, here is the same rhyme in four different languages.


One, two, buckle my shoe,

Three, four, open the door,

Five, six, pick up the sticks,

Seven, eight, lay them straight,

Nine, ten, a good fat hen,

Eleven, twel', bake it well,

Thirteen, fourteen, maids a-courting,

Fifteen, sixteen, maids a-kissing,

Seventeen, eighteen, maids a-waiting,

Nineteen, twenty, my stomach's empty.


In Germany:

1, 2, Polizei,

3, 4, Offizier,

5, 6, Alte Hex,

7, 8, Gute Nacht,

9, 10, Auf Wiedersehen,

11, 12, Junge Wölf,

13, 14, Blaue Schürzen,

15, 16, Alte Hexen,

17, 18, Mädle Wachsen,

19, 20, Gott Verdanzig.


In France, as follows:

Un, deux, trois, Tu ne l'es pas,

Quatre, cinq, six, Va t'en d'ici.


In Italy a form goes:

Pan uno,

pan duo,

Pan tre,

pan quattro,

Pan cinque,

pan sei,

Pan sette,

pan otto,



And, this gives one the thought that we may in fact find similar versions, all revealing a common origin, in the languages of many more countries.

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