Childrens Poems
A Collection of Shorts

Hi Hi Who Will Buy?

Hi! Hi! Who will buy

A wee little cloud for the pretty blue sky?

Some are purple, some are red,

And all are soft as a feather bed.

Hi! Little children, won’t any one buy

One little cloud for the pretty blue sky?

Jolly Jinks

Jolly Jinks, the sailor man,

Went to sea in an oyster can.

When he found the water wet,

And, fishes got into his net,

He pulled his boat to shore

And vowed he’d sail the seas no more.

Popper Dan

Peter, popper, dopper, Dan,

Catch a moonbeam if you can;

Climb a cedar ten feet high

And pick the planets from the sky.

You’re a wonder, little man

Peter, popper, dopper, Dan.

Grandmother Grundy

O Grandmother Grundy,

Now what would you say

If the katydids carried

Your glasses away

Carried them off

To the top of the sky

And used them to watch

The eclipses go by?

The Lightning

The lightning split the sky in two

And set the clouds to leaking

Just as dear old Pastor Brown

Began his Sunday speaking.

He told about the awful rain

That fell in Noah’s day,

And one by one the happy smiles

Began to fade away.

In half an hour the people all

Put on their rubber coats,

And when he finished everyone

Was out and building boats.

The Circus

Somebody give me a peanut,

Somebody give me a pear;

I want to go down to the circus

And feed all the animals there.

Tipsy Tom

Tipsy Tom, the naughty fellow,

Dressed his wife in pink and yellow,

Set her in an apple tree,

And said: “Now catch a bumblebee.”

It's Snowing!

The snowflakes are falling by ones and by twos;

There’s snow on my jacket, and snow on my shoes;

There’s snow on the bushes, and snow on the trees

It’s snowing on everything now, if you please.

Timmy O'Toole

When Timmy O’Toole

Was going to school

He picked up a package of gum.

He treated the preacher

And Sunday-school teacher,

And gave a policeman some.

Fourth of July

A little dog ran to the end of the sky

With a flag and a pole and a gooseberry pie.

He cried: “Three cheers for the Fourth of July!”

With a flag and a pole and a gooseberry pie.

He asked a donkey if he'd like to play,

Then tickled his nose to make him bray,

And they didn’t come back until Christmas Day,

With a flag and a pole and a gooseberry pie.

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