Wee Willie Winkie

Hey! Willie Winkie,

Are you coming then?

The cat’s singing gay tunes

To the sleeping hen.

The dog is lying on the floor,

And does not even peep;

But here’s a wakeful laddie,

That will not fall asleep.

Anything but sleep, you rogue,

Glowing like the moon;

Rattling in a stone jug,

With an iron spoon.

Rumbling, tumbling all about

Crowing like a cock;

Screaming like I don’t know what

Waking sleeping folks.

Hey! Willie Winkie!

Can’t you keep him still,

Wriggling off a body’s knee

Like a very eel.

That has with sleep a battle,

Before he’s done with play,

A wee, wee, dumpy, toddling lad

That runs the livelong day.

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