The Tree Leaves

"We cast cool shade upon the green grass," whispered the fluttering leaves. "We dress the tree in fresh and quiet green. It is bare and brown without us. The tired traveler and the panting beast are thankful for our shade. Children love to play under our shelter. At night the song birds of the woods fly to us for our protection. We hide the nests of mother birds. The light winds stay with us and caress us." And the leaves felt very proud and important.

"What you say is all very true, but you should not forget us," said a voice from the earth. "We are surely worth something."

"And who are you? Where do you grow?" asked the leaves.

"We are buried deep in the ground, far below you, but we feed the stem and make you grow. We are the roots. You owe your beauty to us. We are not beautiful as you are, but we do not die. Winter does not change us, but when it comes you fall. The tree stands firm, for it is held in place by us. If we should die, the tree would die and you would die with it."


Aren’t all the old fairy tales and fables a lot of fun? You can sure learn a few lessons by heeding these old tales. Have you thought of staging a play using these old fables? Never staged a play before? Oh my, it’s so much fun. Kids absolutely love a play. And it’s easy. You don’t need a formal stage. Some of the best fun has been with a sheet hung on a clothesline and a bunch of eager kids.

All of our plays and skits are adapted from some of the very favorites you’ve read here on the site.

Check out the “learn more” link to see all the story plays in each collection. I know there’s something that will strike your fancy. Purchase with confidence. Paypal makes it easy. Our 30 day money back guarantee makes it stress free. The kids will make it fun!

Acting in a play is creative play at its best. Enjoy!

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Our Skits are just as much fun. Just a bit shorter/quicker versions of the longer plays. The "learn more" link is where you'll find all the particulars. Be sure to have a look.


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More Fairy Tales and Fables

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The Tree Leaves
A Story Lesson in Pride and Vanity
The Tree Leaves

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