Fable Plays

Volume 2

ALL NEW for 2015

Fables – Children’s Plays Volume 2 – 6 fun fables from your favorites:  Grimms, Aesops, Hans Anderson, old legends and stories past through the ages.   All transformed into action plays for your young thespians.  As with all fables, there’s usually a moral lesson to learn.  Still true!  Each play holds a moral lesson, as usual.    It’s always a good day for a play. 

Performing in a play is fun.   Watching a play is fun.  But, did you know that plays are actually beneficial for teaching language skills, developing social skills and confidence?   Participating in a dramatic play develops critical thinking skills, along with reading comprehension and communication skills.   

We’re all familiar with team work and its valuable life lessons.  Acting in a play requires team work.   And, what about role play?  Role play has been documented as highly beneficial to a child’s social growth.  That’s what acting in a play is!  -  Role play.   Even kids who complain about not wanting to read are interested in the dramatizations.  Let’s face it, not all children like to sit with a book in their hand.  Some are hands-on learners.   Plays are hands-on.   

Introducing children to this format when they are young is a fun and easy way of instilling these valuable life skills and lessons.  As parents, we take our tools any and every way available.  A child’s play is another one of those tools not to be overlooked.  Why not give a play a try?  It’s always a good day for a play.

Fable Plays Volume 2

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Today is a good day for a play!  Let’s have a look at what’s new


Highlights of the 6 Plays you’ll receive:


The Goodman  is a 3 act play with a cast of 7.   This play focuses on optimism and positive thinking as well as having the ability to make up your mind.

            Adaptation from Hans Anderson


The Two Countrymen   A 2 act play with a cast of 5, plus there’s a need for extras.  Always fun to use additional participants or audience participation.  Here we learn about the cost of practical jokes.  Gullability and naivete, as well.  You will love the olde language here.  Lots of dialect fun. 

            Ancient legend –

The Man and the Alligator    A 2 act play of length for a cast of 5, where we learn the value of critical thinking.  Along with the positive value in doing favors for another and of fair treatment.    This is a fun tongue twister full of “thee’s” and “thou’s” and more fun olde time dialogue.     

            Adapted from old folk tale


Why the Buttercup is Yellow    Fairies and Goblins and pretty flower people.  This one has it all.  A 2 act play with a large cast of 18.     

            Adapted from fairy tale


The Little Jackal    A cast of 5.  We learn in this 3 act play a bit about manipulation and coercion, double-crosses and pay-backs.  Valuable lessons, all.

            Adapted from legend


The Girl who trod on the Loaf    4 acts for this cast of 12.  Acceptance, sharing, honesty, kindness and selflessness.  Yes, it has all of that.   A good lesson play, to be sure.   

            Suggested by Hans Anderson


Your plays will come to you in pdf format.  Easily downloaded and ready to print individually.  You will receive all 6 playscripts right away.  Use as you wish.  Now or later.  Today, tomorrow, next week, next year.  They're yours.  Just download your pdf when you get your link.  That's it.   Then print and use as you need them.  Print as many copies as you need for each production.  This is a great tool for learning script lines. 


Hours of Creative Fun.

Today is a good day!

For a play.

Fable Plays Volume 2

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The all new

Fable Plays Volume 2

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The power of creative play is awe-inspiring.

What parent doesn’t appreciate a child’s imagination in action?

A creative and fun way to spend those lazy summer hours or a gloomy, rainy day indoors.

Teachers?   How much classroom fun might these plays provide?

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It’s only available online and only through www.nursery-rhymes-fun.com

Great for . . .

  • The Classroom
  • Impromptu back yard play
  • Lazy summer days
  • Fundraisers
  • Party Entertainment
  • Puppet Shows
  • Stage Acts
  • Craft Projects – Props and costumes make great craft projects for stagnant hours.




Fable Plays Volume 2

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Ahh, the power of creative play.  There is nothing more awe-inspiring than a child’s imagination in action.  A spectator sport every parent can appreciate.

Watch as their imaginations bloom.

And don’t forget they’re educational too!


Fable Plays Volume 2

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