Kids Skits

A unique collection of children’s playscripts – all comprising 1 Act Plays with a Moral.  The 12 fairy tale scripts in this collection are all adaptations of very well-known and timeless fables from such as Grimm’s, Hans Anderson, Aesop’s Fables and other cultural legends and stories.  All have a moral, a lesson to be learned, if you will, allowing for the teachable moment we all love.  These well-known fables are now transformed into action plays.  Do you think experiencing these lessons by acting a dramatic play might create a more advantageous learning experience as opposed to merely reading? 

Highlights of the 12 Plays you’ll receive:

Cat and Dog    A cast of 2.    The lesson is the value of teamwork.  Experience first-hand how Dog and Cat learn of one another’s faults and behaviors and in the end find a way to live together in harmony. 

The Clever Kid   A cast of 3.    This lesson is on critical thinking and problem solving. Tis truly a clever one indeed who can outsmart those who try to harm.  A valuable lesson.   

The Crow and the Fox    A small cast of 3 highlights what happens when you are fooled and fall for trickery.    How quickly you can lose if you are not quick to think.  This lesson becomes a hands-on lesson by this play’s end.  Perhaps this play is where the Fox gained his wily reputation.  Sly Fox he is. 

Henny Penny    A cast of 7.     A nice size play which highlights what happens when one jumps to conclusions and how important it is to think before you act.   Also provides the opportunity of discussions on careful behavior and who is trustworthy and who is not. 

There are many versions throughout history of this very old folk tale.  Some will remember Chicken Little, which is an adaptation of this Henny Penny story. 

The origins of many nursery rhymes and tales are obscure in history.  Henny Penny and her friends are believed to be derived from an old Scottish Tale from the early 1800’s, but quite possibly even earlier. 

“Chicken Little” has become well known for mass hysteria.  Isn’t it funny how such a very old nursery tale still has an impact on our thinking so many, many years in the future. 

The actors will have fun becoming their favorite barnyard animal and working their way through the valuable lessons to be gained in this fun action play.

The King and the Bees   A cast of 6.   Critical thinking and problem solving skills highlighted.

A play based on an actual historical figure, King Soloman.  A wise king.  Watch how he solves this problem right before your eyes.  Every boy in the group will want to be King Soloman.  Who doesn’t want to be the wise one?

The Miller and his Son   A large cast of 14.  The lesson:  You will not please everyone all of the time.    A valuable lesson, to be sure. 

The Old Man and Grandson   Here we have a short skit with a cast of 4, teaching the value of the phrase “Do unto others and you would have them do unto you.”  We also learn how to treat someone fairly.  There’s even a lesson in this play for us parents.  They are truly watching us. 

The Callithumpian Race    With a grand cast of 8, this skit teaches a bit about critical thinking and problem solving.  There is even an opportunity for more participants in the action scene, albeit non-speaking parts.   The Callithumpian Race is just a silly, fun way of dealing with a problem.  The outcome is just as silly, but that makes for a fun play in the end.  The added benefit of a good bit of exercise as well.  They will enjoy this one. 

The Travelers   A cast of 3.   A short skit on honesty.  We have all learned the value of sharing.  Here we learn not only a lesson on thievery and honesty, but sharing as well. 

Dame Cricket’s Story   A cast of 11.   A cute story delivers a powerful message on minding.

The Hare and The Hedgehog   A cast of 3.   Quite a few morals here.  One of my favorites for many reasons. 

The Gingerbread Man   A cast of 6, plus extras .   Using your wits.  Problem solving.


Loosely suggested age range approximately grades 3 and above. 


Kids Skits


Great for . . .

  • The Classroom
  • Impromptu back yard play
  • Lazy summer days
  • Fundraisers
  • Party Entertainment
  • Puppet Shows
  • Stage Acts
  • Craft Projects – Props and costumes make great craft projects for stagnant hours.

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