Teaching Cause and Effect

Teaching cause and effect and problem solving skills to children are valuable carry-through to adulthood lessons in life.

The Boy and The Jar

A glass jar half full of nuts stood on a table.

Albert, who was very fond of nuts, saw it. He climbed up on the table and thrust his hand into the jar, grasping a whole handful. He tried to pull his hand out. The mouth of the jar was too narrow for his fist.

He pulled and pulled and became very angry at the jar, but it was of no use.

At last he began to scream and cry. His mother hurried into the room to find out what was the matter with him.

"What hurts you, Albert?" she asked.

"This old jar will not let me have this handful of nuts," cried Albert.

His mother laughed when she saw the cause of all his trouble.

"Do you wish so many nuts?" she asked. "Try taking out a few at a time."

Albert did as his mother told him to do, and found that he could easily get the nuts.

"When you get into trouble again, my son, stop and think of a way out, instead of screaming," said his mother.


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More Fairy Tales and Fables

To Nursery Rhymes Fun from Teaching Cause and Effect

Teaching Cause and Effect is sometimes a hard, yet very valuable lesson in problem solving for children to absorb. It's carry-through to adulthood, though, will be invaluable. This fable is one of my favorites as it shows quite vividly that actions have consequences.

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