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The Lion and The Mouse

A lion was sleeping one day when a little mouse came along and ran up and down over his face.

This awakened the lion and made him very angry.

He put his paw over the mouse and said, "What do you mean by waking me? You shall pay for this," and he opened his big mouth to swallow the mouse.

"Oh, do not kill me, Mr. Lion!" squealed the mouse. "I did not mean to waken you. Do let me go and I will never trouble you again."

"No, I will not let you go," roared the lion.

"Please do," cried the frightened mouse. "If you will let me go perhaps I can do something for you sometime."

This made the lion laugh. "You do something for ME," he said. "What a joke! Well, you are such a little fellow that I will let you go this time, but never let me see you about here again," and he lifted his paw.

As the little mouse scampered off, he said, "Thank you, kind lion, I shall not forget your kindness."

Some time after this the lion was caught in a trap. The hunters tied him to a tree while they went to get a wagon to carry him away.

The lion roared so loud that the ground shook. The little mouse heard him.

"That lion is in trouble," he said. "I will see what I can do to help him," and he ran to the lion.

When the mouse saw that the lion was tied with ropes, he said, "Cheer up, Mr. Lion. Be quiet and I will set you free," and he began gnawing the ropes.

He worked long and hard and at last the lion was free.


Do you love all of the old fables and fairy tales?

Have you thought of staging a play using these old fables? Never staged a play before?

It’s so much fun. Kids absolutely love a play. And it’s easy. You don’t need a formal stage. Some of the best fun has been with a sheet hung on a clothesline and a bunch of eager kids.

All of our Fable plays and skits are adapted from some of the very favorites you’ve read here on the site.

Today is a great day for a play! Check out the “learn more” link to see all the story plays in each collection. I know there’s something that will strike your fancy.

Now your little ones can learn by doing. Acting in a play is a very creative way of learning.

Purchase with confidence. Paypal makes it easy. Our 30 day money back guarantee makes it stress free. The kids will make it fun!


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Our Skits are just as much fun. Just a bit shorter/quicker versions of the longer plays. The "learn more" link is where you'll find all the particulars. Be sure to have a look.


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