City Mouse and Country Mouse

A City Mouse, with ways polite,
A Country Mouse invited
To sup with him and spend the night.

Said Country Mouse: "De--lighted!"
In truth it proved a royal treat,
With everything that's good to eat.

Alas! When they had just begun
To gobble their dinner,
A knock was heard that made them run.

The City Mouse seemed thinner.
And as they scampered and turned tail,
He saw the Country Mouse grow pale.

The knocking ceased. A false alarm!
The City Mouse grew braver.

"Come back!" he cried. "No, no! The farm,
Where I'll not quake or quaver,
Suits me," replied the Country Mouse.

"You're welcome to your city house."

There’s no place like home!

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City Mouse and Country Mouse

City Mouse and Country Mouse Aesops Fables Stories with Morals. Help for parents in building character, teaching respect and lessons in virtue.

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