Traditional Nursery Rhymes

The Animal Show

Father and mother and Bobbie will go

To see all the sights at the animal show.

Where lions and bears

Sit on dining room chairs,

Where a camel is able

To stand on a table,

Where monkeys and seals

All travel on wheels,

And a Zulu baboon

Rides a baby balloon.

The sooner you’re ready, the sooner we’ll go.

Aboard, all aboard, for the Animal Show!

The Crooked Man

There was a crooked man,

And he went a crooked mile,

He found a crooked sixpence

Upon a crooked stile:

He bought a crooked cat,

That caught a crooked mouse—

And they all lived together

In a little crooked house.

The Lord Mayor

Here sits the Lord Mayor,

Here sit his two men,

Here sits the cock,

And here sits the hen;

Here sit the chickens,

And here they go in,

Chippety, chippety, chippety chin.

Lady Bug

Lady-bird, lady-bird, fly away home,

Thy house is on fire, thy children all gone:

All but one whose name is Ann,

And she crept under the pudding pan.

The Farmer Went a Trotting

A farmer went trotting

Upon his gray mare;

Bumpety, bumpety, bump!

With his daughter behind him,

So rosy and fair;

Lumpety, lumpety, lump!

A raven cried "Croak";

And they all tumbled down;

Bumpety, bumpety, bump!

The mare broke her knees,

And the farmer his crown;

Lumpety, lumpety, lump.

The mischievous raven

Flew laughing away;

Bumpety, bumpety, bump!

And vowed he would serve them

The same the next day;

Bumpety, bumpety, bump!

The Way The Ladies Ride

This is the way the ladies ride—

Saddle-a-side, saddle-a-side!

This is the way the gentlemen ride—

Sitting astride, sitting astride!

This is the way the grandmothers ride—

Bundled and tied, bundled and tied!

This is the way the babykins ride—

Snuggled inside, snuggled inside!

More Traditional Nursery Rhymes

Traditional Nursery Rhymes

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