Twinkle Tail felt dreadfully worried as he left the parsonage. Where was he to get the ring? Without it, Parson Owl had said there could be no wedding. Little Miss Squirrel was waiting for him at the house, and all the guests would be there at five o’clock. Parson Owl had agreed to be on time although it was a trifle too bright at that hour for his blinky old eyes. There was only one thing missing—the little gold wedding ring.

“There’s only one person who can help me,” cried Twinkle Tail, and off he ran to the Old Bramble Patch. In answer to his impatient knock, Little Jack Rabbit opened the door. Then they both sat down on the stone step while the little squirrel told his troubles one by one.

“Parson Owl says there can’t be a wedding without a ring,” sighed Twinkle Tail, finishing his story. “But where to get the ring, I don’t know.”

“I do,” answered the little rabbit, jumping up quickly. “Come with me,” and up the Old Cow Patch, over the Sunny Meadow, he hopped with Twinkle Tail close to his heels.

By and by they came to the Old Farm Yard. There stood Ducky Waddles by the old creaking gate. He had just come in from a swim in the Old Duck Pond and was combing his feathers with his big yellow bill.

“Good afternoon,” said the little bunny. “I’ve come to ask a favor.”

“What is it?” asked Ducky Waddles.

“You explain matters first, Twinkle Tail, and then I’ll talk to Ducky Waddles,” said Little Jack Rabbit.

It didn’t take Twinkle Tail long to tell his troubles—how little Miss Squirrel had agreed to marry him that afternoon; how all the little people of the Shady Forest were coming to the wedding at five; how Parson Owl had agreed to marry them; how everything was ready except the little gold wedding ring.

“Who told you I had a little gold ring?” asked Ducky Waddles.

“Nobody,” answered the little squirrel, “but I suppose it’s all right.”

“Yes, it’s all right,” laughed Ducky Waddles with a funny quack, “and now, Mr. Jack Rabbit, what’s the favor you wish me to do?”

“Won’t you give Twinkle Tail the little gold ring you found in the Bubbling Brook last Sunday?”

Ducky Waddles took a little gold ring out of his feather waistcoat pocket and handed it to Twinkle Tail.

(Pretty soon we’ll hear the wedding bells tinkling in the forest dells.)

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