Twinkle Tail was delighted to get the little gold ring.

“You must come to the wedding,” he said to Ducky Waddles. “It’s to be at five o’clock at my house. Please tell Henny Penny and Cocky Doodle that they’re invited, and ask Goosey Lucy and Turkey Tim to come, too. I’m in such a hurry I can’t wait to see them.”

“I’ll come,” answered Ducky Waddles, “and I won’t forget to tell the Barnyard Folk that they’re invited.”

“Don’t lose the ring,” cautioned Little Jack Rabbit, as he and the little squirrel hurried down the Old Cow Path to the Shady Forest. Just then they met Mrs. Cow. She was wagging her head back and forth to brush off the flies and the little bell on her leather collar made a pretty tinkling sound.

“Let’s ask her to come and ring the wedding bells.”

“The very thing,” laughed Twinkle Tail. “Won’t you come to my wedding, Mrs. Cow? Please do.”

“When is it to be?” she asked.

“Tonight at five,” answered Twinkle Tail, with a blush.

“Pretty near milking-time,” explained Mrs. Cow.

“Oh, it won’t take long,” replied the little rabbit. “Do come, Mrs. Cow. We want you to ring your bell at the wedding. Did you ever ring a wedding bell?”

“No,” answered Mrs. Cow, “but I guess I know how. I’ll come, but I may not be able to stay all the time for I must get back in time for milking.”

Then the three started off together, and when they reached the Shady Forest, Twinkle Tail looked back and saw Henny Penny and Cocky Doodle coming up the Old Cow Path dressed in their Sunday clothes. Just behind them were Ducky Waddles and Goosey Lucy and in the distance Turkey Tim hurrying along the Old Rail Fence to catch up to them.

“Goodness me!” exclaimed the little squirrel, “I won’t have much time to dress,” and he set off at a great pace, leaving Mrs. Cow and Little Jack Rabbit behind.

When he reached his house he found Miss Squirrel anxiously looking out of the window, but when she saw him, she laughed and said, “I thought you were lost, dear Twinkle Tail!”

Pretty soon Parson Owl arrived, and when all the guests were seated, he told Twinkle Tail and Miss Squirrel to stand up before him. And after Twinkle Tail had placed the little gold ring on Miss Squirrel’s little finger toe, Mrs. Cow rang the wedding bells and Bobbie Redvest sang a song.

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