Sweet Tooth Dan

In Bon Bon Town once on a time
Lived Dan, the hero of this rhyme;
As his thoughts on candy so often ran,
That his folks all called him Sweet Tooth Dan;
Every time little Dan got a cent
In the candy shop ‘twould it soon be spent;
He ate so many caramel creams,
That they followed him into the land ‘o dreams.
So, napping one day, young Sweet Tooth Dan
Dreamed the dream of the Chocolate Man.

The Chocolate Man on a store shelf stood
And pointed his gun at the candy wood
Where a candy bird with candy wings
Flew over all kinds of candy things,
And singing a candy song so sweet
That powdered sugar soon covered its feet.
It filled the air with candied tunes,
And fell on the ear of Sweet Tooth Dan.
Then Dan looked in and spied that Chocolate Man.

Dan dreamed that he from his home had come
Clutching a dime ‘twixt finger and thumb.
To buy for Mother a birthday gift
And run back home so very swift.
He’d never be missed until her eyes
Had lighted upon that birthday surprise;
Then he heard those candy tunes as they rose
And tight to the window he pressed his nose.
And there on the shelf by the taffy pan
He saw that wonderful Chocolate Man.

He had thought for Mother some flowers he’d buy

Or maybe he’d get her a pretty bow tie,
Or a cap, or a comb, or an apron neat.
Or a pair of nice slippers for Mother’s sore feet.

There’s lots of things a fellow can get,

For a birthday present, and yet, and yet,

Dan’s nose was pressed to the window pane
Within two feet of a candy cane.

And there on the shelf that Chocolate Man
Was winking his eyes at Sweet Tooth Dan.

“Now maybe Mother might not like flowers.
And we’ve lots of things in a home like ours,
Like caps and combs and slippers and things,
And aprons and ribbons and bracelets and rings.

That I really don’t know just where to commence.”
Said Dan, “and besides I’ve just ten cents.”

Then he looked at the taffy and lollypops,

And the caramel jars and big gumdrops.
“I’ll bet that Mother” said Sweet Tooth Dan,
“Would like to have that Chocolate Man.”

Then he marched inside of the candy shop.

Past the rows of taffy and lollypops.

And bade the shop keeper take from the shelf,
That odd little hunter, that chocolate elf.
With his candy gun and his sugar cap,
And his peppermint buttons and wintergreen strap;
Never a soldier was more complete
From the top of his head to the soles of his feet.
“I wonder if Mother will like it,” said Dan,
As he bit one foot off the Chocolate Man.

Sweet Tooth Dan went slowly home,
In fact much slower than he had come,
And as he wondered if Mother might,
Like his gift, he took another bite,
First a leg and then an arm.
He thought ‘twould surely do no harm,
To sort of sample the gift that he bore,
Just one other bite and then no more;

But alas, for the plans of Sweet Tooth Dan
That bite was the last of the Chocolate Man.

Dismayed, Dan entered his nursery door,

He kicked the fender, he thumped the floor;
But he couldn’t bring back the dime he’d spent
Nor the Chocolate Man from where he'd been sent.

Till at last worn out, he sat himself down
And stared at the fire with a gloomy frown;
When suddenly from outside of the door,
He heard a thumping and then a roar.

“Let me in! Let me in! Oh, Sweet Tooth Dan!”
And then into the room stalked the Chocolate Man.

Said the Chocolate Man, “I’m surely more
To your liking now than ever before;
Of others you certainly never think,
But only of things you might eat or might drink;

Get up, quick march, you Sugar Head.

You must think of something besides being fed.”

Then he carried him off to a castle that stood
On a chocolate hill in a chocolate wood;
Where chocolate pigs in a pig pen ran.
All the property of this Chocolate Man.

He started Dan hoeing chocolate beans,
And putting them into soup tureens.
Dan started to chase the pigs away
But the pigs were certain they wanted to stay;
The Chocolate Man came up to see
And Dan climbed into a sugar plum tree;
The sugar limbs broke, Dan fell to the ground
And the Chocolate Man then chased him around.

Dan heard the click of a gun as he ran
“Stop or I’ll shoot!” yelled the Chocolate Man.

Dan ran till almost ready to drop
But the Chocolate Man wouldn’t let him stop.
So he turned around and fell on his knees
And said, “Good Chocolate Man, oh, please!”
Don’t shoot and I’ll never eat candy again.
And I’ll buy Mother’s present for her” - just then.

The gun went off with a bang and a roar.

And Dan felt himself lifted up from the floor.

“Wake up, wake up, little Sweet Tooth Dan!”
“Twas Mother and not that Chocolate Man!

The End

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