The Seafarers Nursery Rhymes Collection

Captain Tickle

Captain Tickle had a nickel

In a barrel fat,

He threw it in the river

And he couldn’t get it back.

Captain Tickle spent his nickel

For a rubber ball,

And when he cut it open

There was nothing there at all.

The Sailor's Sonny

A sailor gave his sonny

Nearly half a pint of money

And sent him out to buy a ton of coal;

But he met a poor old miser

Who told him it were wiser

To bury all his money in a hole.

A sailor gave his sonny

Nearly half a pint of money

And told him he should buy a suit of clothes;

But he saw a pretty maiden

With all kinds of posies laden,

And he gave her all his money for a rose.

Then the sailor gave his sonny

Nearly half a pint of money

To buy a little garden and a house;

But he found him the next day,

In a shop on Wessley Way,

Buying cheese and crackers for a mouse.


Columbus sailed over the ocean blue

To come to the United States.

In three small ships he carried his crew,

And none of the three were mates.

He found a land in the western seas,

With Indians galore,

With jabbering parrots in the trees,

And sharks along the shore.

He filled his pockets with sparkling stones

And took to the mighty main,

With a couple of slaves, some nuts and cones

For the glorious king of Spain.

Now this is the tale Columbus told,

And most of the tale is true,

How he crossed the seas, a sailor bold,

In fourteen ninety and two.

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The Seafarers Nursery Rhymes Collection

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