Tongue Twister Rhyming Games

Here’s are a few tongue twister rhyming games that are sure to have them rolling on the floors.

Game #1

First someone must be designated as the leader. The leader will begin the game by saying the first sentence.

That sentence is then repeated by each player in turn. As the play progresses around the room, the leader, when it is his turn again, will add a new tongue twister sentence.

Anyone making a mistake or mis-speaking the twister is eliminated. The idea is to say the rhymes as fast as you can without making a mistake.

No hesitation allowed. Just say it as fast as you can and then it’s on to the next person.

The first time a line is added, only that line would progress around the room. But, then the leader will instruct the group to combine the lines. Here’s where your memory power kicks in.

Not only is this a fantastically funny tongue twister game, but it’s a total tug on the memory as well.

It’s fun to see just how many people can make it through to the end.

The sentences are as follows:

1. One old ox opening oysters.
2. Two tall Turks twirling twisted turbans.
3. Three tinkering tailors totally tired.
4. Four fat Frenchmen fanning a fainting fly.
5. Five funny farmers feeding feathered fowls.
6. Six slippery snails slid slowly seaward.
7. Seven shy soldiers shooting salted salmon.
8. Eight eccentric Englishmen exhibiting educated elephants.
9. Nine nimble noblemen nibbling nasturtiums.
10. Ten tipsy tailors toddling timidly together.

Game #2

Using the same tongue twister lines, the leader would recite line one and pass it to the person next to him, who would make up a line to go with line one.

It’s fun to see how the tongue twister ends as you have passed it along and everyone has had a chance to add to it.

Continue with all of the ten lines.

This is a great one to record for replay later.

Game #3

Hand out a different slip of paper to each person in the group, which has written on it, one of the tongue twister lines.

This is a game of charades. The person would then act out his tongue twister.

It is the object of the group to guess which tongue twister the person is acting out.

For younger crowds you might post all of the possibilities so they have something to work from.

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Fun Tongue Twister Rhyming Games

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