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Plays for Kids by Kids About Kids being Kids


6 cute plays about kids being kids.


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 Today is a good day for a play!  Let’s have a look:

Highlights of the 6 Plays you’ll receive:


QUITE BY OURSELVES   is a 1 act play with a cast of 3.  You will love watching these 2 children prepare to host a tea party “all by themselves.”


RATHER A PRIG  is a short 1 act skit with a cast of 2.    Some people just want to make you scream!  See how our little girl protagonist deals with her annoying brother.  Very cute. 


SALLIE HICKS    A 1 act play with a cast of 4.  Watch how Sallie always seems to get in trouble but learns a lesson in the end. 


THE BEST CHILDREN IN THE WORLD   A cast of 3 in 1 act.  Sometimes even with the very best intentions, things just seem to go wrong. 


THE MONSTER IN THE GARDEN    2 very brave little children take part in this 1 act play with supporting cast of 2.  Surprises all around by the end of this adorable play. 


THE WIGWAM   A cast of 3 star in this 1 act play, portraying rather stark cultural differences and how little children might choose to deal with them. 


Hours of Creative Fun.

Today is a good day!

For a play. 


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Plus, take a look.

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The all new

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You will receive all of your playscripts right away.  Use as you wish.  Now or later.  Today, tomorrow, next week, next year.  They're yours.  Just download your pdf when you get your link.  That's it.   Then print and use as you need them.  Print as many copies as you need for each production.  This is a great tool for learning script lines. 

The power of creative play is awe-inspiring.

What parent doesn’t appreciate a child’s imagination in action?

A creative and fun way to spend those lazy summer hours or a gloomy, rainy day indoors.

Teachers?   How much classroom fun might these plays provide?

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Great for . . .

  • The Classroom
  • Impromptu back yard play
  • Lazy summer days
  • Fundraisers
  • Party Entertainment
  • Puppet Shows
  • Stage Acts
  • Craft Projects – Props and costumes make great craft projects for stagnant hours.

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Ahh, the power of creative play.  There is nothing more awe-inspiring than a child’s imagination in action.  A spectator sport every parent can appreciate.

Watch as their imaginations bloom.

And, don't forget they're educational too!