Tommys Stockings

Two little maids went out one day,
And really it was shocking!
They met poor Tommy on the way,
Not wearing any stockings.

They sat down on a low stone seat,
And to and fro kept rocking,
While they knitted, swift and neat,
Each of them a stocking.

And sweet they sang a little song,
The dickie-birds kept mocking;
And Tommy wished that all day long
They'd sit and knit his stockings.

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Who is the most famous creator of kids poems? Of course, that would be Mother Goose? Kids poems were her genre and she will be forever remembered for her contribution to the world of poetry for kids. The following quote comes from Mother Goose herself.


“My dear little Blossoms, there are now in this world, and always will be, a great many grannies besides myself, both in petticoats and pantaloons, some a deal younger to be sure; but all monstrous wise, and of my own family name.

These old women, who never had chick nor child of their own, but who always know how to bring up other people's children, will tell you with very long faces, that my enchanting, quieting, soothing volume, my all-sufficient anodyne for cross, peevish, won't-be-comforted little bairns, ought to be laid aside for more learned books, such as THEY could select and publish.

Fudge! I tell you that all their batterings can't deface my beauties, nor their wise prattlings equal my wiser prattlings; and all imitators of my refreshing songs might as well write a new Billy Shakespeare as another Mother Goose—we two great poets were born together, and we shall go out of the world together.

No, no my Melodies will never die,
While nurses sing, or babies cry.”

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Tommys Stockings Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes

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