It wasn’t very long before all the Little People in the Shady Forest had heard how the squirrels had sailed over to the island after nuts. So when Featherhead and the other squirrels set out the next day there was quite a crowd on shore to watch them.

Featherhead had a nice new-laid egg from Henny Penny for Old Barney Owl, and Twinkle Tail a little fish from the Bubbling Brook.

When they reached the island, the two little squirrels ran up the Big Chestnut Tree and rapped on Old Barney Owl’s front door. They had to rap three or four times before he opened it. He was cross and sleepy, and at first didn’t remember them at all. In fact, his eyes were so blinky that I don’t believe he even saw them.

“We have brought you an egg for the nuts we took yesterday,” said Featherhead.

“And here is a little fish for what we’ll take to-day,” added Twinkle Tail.

Old Barney Owl opened one eye and, taking the egg and the little fish, closed the door without even thanking them.

“He didn’t say we could have any nuts to-day,” said Twinkle Tail. “He took the little fish, so I guess it’s all right.”

“Guess it’s all right!” cried Featherhead. “Of course, it’s all right. What do we care, anyway? he can’t see in the light. What right has Old Barney to say all these nuts belong to him?”

It didn’t take the squirrels long after the sacks were filled to carry them down to the shore and load them on the rafts. But, oh dear me. Billy Breeze wasn’t very kind this time. No matter how they held up their tails for sails, as soon as they had pushed off, he blew them right back on the land.

“We’ll have to paddle around to the other side,” said Featherhead. “Then perhaps Billy Breeze will push us home.”

After a good deal of trouble, for it was no easy matter to paddle the rafts around the island, they set off once again. And this time Billy Breeze did his best, and landed them safely on the mainland.

“I couldn’t help you on the other side,” he explained. “You see, I can blow only one way to-day.”

“That’s all right,” answered the Squirrel Brothers. “We have the nuts!” and away they scampered.

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