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Welcome to The Kids Book Shelf where filling your home library with great kids books is easy, convenient, fun, and cost effective. Take the stress out of shopping for kids books with our online book stores. There’s a huge selection of the best kids books online. Don’t forget to bookmark The Book Shelf. It’ll be one of your favorites.

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You'll find Classic Story Books, Early Readers, Nursery Rhymes Books, Preschool Books, Baby Books, Prayers, Bibles and Bible Stories, Travel Books, Joke Books and Riddles, Kids Craft Books, Skits and Plays, Games, Cooking with Kids, Gardening with Kids, Fairy Tales and Fables, and so much more.

Learn, Motivate, Imagine. It all happens in a book!

Prefer an ebook? We've got some great selections. Playscripts, too for some real hands-on fun!


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