I wonder if you remember where we left off in the last story? Well, in case you don’t, I’ll tell you. Billy Bunny and Uncle Lucky were taking the donkey to the doctor, for the donkey had sprained his tail while in bathing with the two little rabbits, you know.

Well, when they reached the doctor’s house he wasn’t in, but his wife was. So Uncle Lucky thought he’d tell her what was the matter with the donkey, for the donkey was feeling pretty miserable and wouldn’t get out of the automobile, but just sat there braying every once in a while in a mournful way.

“Why don’t you give him a sugar drop?” asked the kind doctor’s wife. “I haven’t got any sugar drops,” said Uncle Lucky, and neither had Billy Bunny, although he looked all through his knapsack and in the cabaret of the Luckymobile.

“I’ll get you some,” said the doctor’s wife, and presently she brought out a little round box just full of sugar drops.

“The directions are on the cover,” she said, handing the box to Billy Bunny, who ran back to the automobile to give some to the poor donkey, who was braying dreadfully just then.

Well, the little rabbit read over the directions and then gave him one at once.

“One every minute until the patient feels worse and then one every second until the box is empty!”

“Gracious me!” exclaimed the little rabbit, “that’s enough to cure one of ever getting sick again,” and I guess you’d have thought the same thing if you had bitten one of those little sugar drops, for they were dreadfully bitter inside.

Well, Uncle Lucky and Billy Bunny took turns giving those drops to that obstinate braying donkey. Uncle Lucky held the watch and Billy Bunny held the donkey. You see, it took almost a minute to get a drop down that disagreeable donkey so that as soon as one was down it was time to start with another, and as Uncle Lucky said it was dangerous not to follow directions exactly when giving medicine, it was just about all the two little rabbits could do to take care of that donkey.


“Oh, let me go, I humbly bray.

I’ll never be sick again, I say.

Don’t make me take another drop;

For they’re only sugared on the top.


“Inside they’re bitter as can be.

You’ll surely end in killing me.

Oh, let me go, I humbly bray,

I will never be sick again, I say.”


“Well, if you’ll promise,” said Uncle Lucky, “you may go.” And would you believe it, that donkey jumped out of the automobile and whisked his tail and started for home as fast as you please, just as though he had never been sick. Wasn’t that wonderful?


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