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Benefits of Homeschooling


You may not be aware of the enormous benefits of homeschooling if you’ve not taken the plunge yet. The main advantage is that you and your child can control the education received based on goals and passion instead of whatever the board of education decides your child will learn at a particular age. So, for example, if your child is five but interested in coding, you can help them instead of telling them to wait until they’re older.


1.     Control and Curriculum Customization

You have complete control over your child’s education. You can customize everything to your child’s interests, strengths, and learning styles. While some states do have some requirements regarding what your child needs to know and testing to back it up, you are free to teach them in the manner that works best for your child by personalizing their educational experience.


2.     You Can Include Moral Education

You can include religious and or moral teachings in your child’s education that public and even private schools may not be able to do because of regulations. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the traditional schedule, which can enable you to practice your religion without interference.


3.     More Inclusive of Life Skills

You can teach your child essential life skills that they would not learn in a traditional school setting more easily due to the lack of rushing around. For example, if you’re not rushed at breakfast trying to put children on a bus, you can take your time teaching them how to cook, which can turn into a math lesson and a safety lesson.


4.     Close Family Relationships

Your child will have more time to spend with you and the rest of their family, bringing you closer together. When families spend more time together, children feel safer and can speak up in mixed-age groups due to the confidence togetherness builds.


5.     Fewer Rebellion Opportunities

Your child will be less likely to be exposed to harmful things like drugs and alcohol. Before, during, and after school, without parental supervision are when many children experiment with drugs and other dangerous things. In addition, by homeschooling, you eliminate one rebellion opportunity.


6.     More Dedication to Academics

Your child will be more likely to excel academically when you homeschool because they can learn in a way that works best. For example, when children can consume educational materials at their own pace without accounting for others, they can often learn faster even if they were considered slower learners in the classroom.


7.     More Community Involvement

Your child will feel a strong sense of community and belonging as a homeschooler because you’ll have more time and freedom to do things locally like go to museums, volunteer, and get involved in the community on your own time.


8.     More Likely to Be a Self-Starter

Homeschooled kids often learn to be self-motivated because they are more responsible for their schooling than the average public-school student. This means that your child will likely be able to start their own business and become successful without an authority forcing them to.


These are just a few of the many benefits of homeschooling. As you consider if it's right for your child and family, be sure to rules and requirements of your state. Review the various options for curriculums and which one(s) are right for you. Look into whether there are homeschool groups available in your area that you can access, if needed.

Homeschooling can be a lot of fun for everyone. If done correctly, it can give your child a thorough education without all the strict guidelines required in public or private schools.


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