Bobby's Pocket Alphabet Rhymes

Alphabet Rhymes like Bobby’s Pocket help make learning the alphabet fun.

Our Bobby is a little boy, of six years old, or so;
And every kind of rubbish in his pocket he will stow.

One day he thought he’d empty it (so he again could stock it);
And here’s an alphabet of what was found in Bobby’s pocket.

A was a rosy Apple, with some bites out, here and there;
B was a bouncing rubber Ball that bounded in the air.

C was a crispy crusty Cake with citron on the top;
D was a dancing Donkey that could jump around and hop.

E was a little robin’s Egg, all speckled blue and brown;
F was a fluffy Feather that was white and soft as down.

G was a lively Grasshopper, whose legs and wings were green;
H was a grimy Handkerchief that once perhaps was clean.

I was a plaster Image that had lost its plaster head;
J was a jolly Jumping-Jack all painted blue and red.

K was a keen and shining Knife, ’twould cut the toughest bark;
L was a little wooden Lion, strayed out of Noah’s Ark.

M was a Marble, large and round, with colors bright and clear;
N was a bent and rusty Nail, of little use, I fear.

O was a tiny Oil-can, which was always upside down;
P was a Penny Bob had saved to spend some day in town.

Q was a Quilted ear-tab, which had lost its velvet mate;
R was a Ring with a glassy gem of wondrous size and weight.

S was a String, a piece of Soap, a Stone, a Sponge, a Stick;
T was a lump of Taffy, exceeding soft and thick.

U, an Umbrella-handle, of silver-mounted horn;
V was a comic Valentine, a little creased and worn.

W was some sticky Wax, lovely to pinch and mould;
X was an old Xpress receipt, worn out in every fold.

Y was a lot of Yellow Yarn, all bunched up like a mop;
Z was a jagged piece of Zinc, found in a plumber’s shop.

All these are Bob’s possessions; he loves every single thing;
And owning all these treasures he’s as happy as a King!

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