Stories and Poems About Flowers

What Power The Little Flower

Our stories and poems about flowers will fill your heart with joy.

I love the flowers, the fragrant flowers!
They’re fairy things to me;
They seem like angels sent to bless,
And teach of purity.

Who Made The Flowers?

The Forget Me Not

As A Flower In Morn

A Flower Poem

Hollyhock Friends

Flower Painters

Little Bud

Garden Poems

The Flower Book

Flower Stories

Gardening Poems for Gardening Kids

What Power The Little Flower!

Such tiny little creations, each one unique unto themselves, yet each one capturing and showcasing all of God’s love.

Gather a bouquet. Can you help but smile?

Flowers are beautiful and magical and wonderfully uplifting.
As, we hope, are the stories and poems you’ll find here.

“Stop and smell the roses”. You've heard it before.

Have you ever really thought about its meaning?

Don’t limit yourself to roses. Take time everyday to stop and thank a flower for bringing you their joy.

Your heart will thank you.

If you want to see someone smile, give them a flower.

It’s the smallest moments in life, coupled together, that create a happy, wonderful, fulfilling, magical life.

Print these heartwarming stories or the poems about flowers for a truly inspiring gift. (use specialty printer paper for that special touch)

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