Tongue Twisters

Tantalizing Tongue Twisters To Teach Tiny Tots

Say that ten times fast.

A tongue twister is a surefire silliness starter, a gargantuan giggle getter,
a colossal cackle creator, a . . .

Ok - I’ll stop. You get it. They’re fun.

I just love to hear a child giggle - don’t you?

Tongue twisters are fun, yes, but did you know they could also be used as a creative way to teach your child the alphabet?

A good child’s dictionary is a must. Not a bad idea to have a good child’s thesaurus too.

So, grab the children’s dictionary, thesaurus and your child (of course)
- print

this idea starter page and see what you can come up with.

Laugh a little
Learn a little
Have a lot o’ fun.

Here’s hoping tongue twisters fill your days chockful of childish chuckles and limitless leisurely laughter.

Peter Piper

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