Nursery Rhymes Stories

Imaginative Learning
That Feels Like Play

mother goose

Nursery rhymes, poems, stories and more
Fantasy, fun and magic galore
Amazing adventures await you to share
Gather your children and favorite chair

Every adventure, every story
Every poem or rhyme
Sprinkled carefully, slowly
And absorbed over time

Gives your child’s imagination
The tools that it needs
Use the stories you’ll find here
As the perfect seeds

Are you having fun with your kids?
Is your quality time filled with adventure and wonder?

Kids stories, kids poems, fairy tales and mother goose rhymes overflow with adventure and wonder.

It’s the only fun way I can think of to uncork your child’s imagination and release their desire to learn that will continue through life.

boy reading

History’s greatest minds weren’t afraid to imagine.
The greatest inventions - ever invented - began with imagining.

Albert Einstein said:

“Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.”

What a gift to give your child.

And to think . . .

. . . it can all start with a simple nursery rhyme

. . . or a bedtime story

. . . or a poem.

Bedtime stories, fairy tales and folktales, kids poems and mother goose rhymes have been passed down and recited for hundreds – even thousands – of years.

Imagine that

Generation after generation telling the same stories and rhyming the same rhymes.


  • Because they’re fun

  • Kids love them, and

  • They teach. (oops! Let’s keep that our little secret)

As far as your kids know . . .

It’s all about the fun.

horse play Which we all know

In a kids’ world

Is Priority #1

Albert Einstein said:

“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”

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It’s always a good day for creative play

Kids plays are creative play at its best. Fun to watch. Fun to perform. But, did you know that plays are actually beneficial for teaching language skills, developing social skills and confidence? Participating in a dramatic play develops critical thinking skills, along with reading comprehension and communication skills.

Team work and its valuable life lessons are enhanced through acting in a play. Dramatic plays are the epitome of role play, which has been well documented as highly beneficial to a child’s social growth.

Even kids who complain about not wanting to read are interested in the dramatizations. Plays are very hands-on. Perfect for the hands-on learner.

Introducing children to this format when they are young is a fun and easy way of instilling these valuable life skills and lessons. As parents, we take our tools any, and every, way available. A child’s play is another one of those tools not to be overlooked. Why not give a play a try?

It’s always a good day for a play.

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