Alice’s ABC Poem

Alice in Wonderland's Alphabet Rhymes

A is for Alice a-dressing the Queen.

B is for Borogoves, mimsy and lean.

C is the Cheshire Cat, wearing a grin.

D is the Duchess who had a sharp chin.

E is the Eaglet who barred out long words.

F, the Flamingo, the queerest of birds.

G is the Gryphon, loquacious and gay.

H, Humpty Dumpty in gorgeous array.

I is for Insects with curious names.

J is the Jabberwock burbling with flames.

K is the King who was whizzed through the air.

L is the Lobster who sugared his hair.

M, the Mock Turtle, whose tears freely flowed.

Well, that's half of Alice's Alphabet. Click here to finish the rest.

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