This Way to Johnny Crows Garden

What Fun We’ll Have in Johnny Crows Garden

Johnny Crow
Would dig and sow

Till he made a little Garden.

And the Lion

Had a green and yellow Tie on

In Johnny Crow's Garden.

And the Rat

Wore a Feather in his Hat.

But the Bear

Had nothing to wear . . .

In Johnny Crow's Garden.

So the Ape

Took his Measure with a Tape

And made the Bear a coat. . .

In Johnny Crow's Garden.

Then the Crane

Was caught in the Rain

In Johnny Crow's Garden.

And the Beaver

Was afraid he had a Fever.

But the Goat said:

"It's nothing but his Throat!"

In Johnny Crow's Garden.

And the Pig

And the Hippopotami

Danced a Jig

In Johnny Crows Garden.

And then they all sat down to eat

Their dinner all together!

In Johnny Crow's Garden!

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