Day of The Week Poem

This fun day of the week poem gives you a rhyme a day with which to play.
What fun to have on Monday. On Tuesday and Wednesday too.
No matter which day, make it a reason to play.


I went to town on Sunday
The preacher for to see.
The town folk too,
It seemed to be,
Had thoughts the same as me.

I went to town on Monday
To buy myself a coat,
But on the way I met a man
Who traveled with a caravan,
And bought a billy goat.

I went to town on Tuesday
And bought a fancy vest.
I kept the pretty bucklestraps,
Buttonholes and pocketflaps,
And threw away the rest.

I went to town on Wednesday
To buy a roasted pig.
But when I got there the fire was bare,
While the cows and goats and pigs and hare
Were all dancing up a jig.

I went to town on Thursday
To buy a loaf of bread,
But when I got there, goodness sakes!
The town was full of rattlesnakes
The bakers all were dead.

I went to town on Friday
To buy a pumpkin pie.
But on the way an apple tree,
I passed and so thought me,
‘Tis an apple pie I’ll surely buy.

I went to town on Saturday
To get myself a wife,
But when I saw the lady fair
I gnashed my teeth and pulled my hair
And scampered for my life.

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