As A Flower In Morn

The buds and the blossoms,
How bright to the view!
Like jewels and diamonds,
They sparkle with dew.

The sun’s rising beams
Have greeted each flower:
How lovely the scene,
How peaceful the hour!

All nature awakens
From a night of soft sleep,
And the insects once more
From their hiding-holes creep.

The old birds have flown
Far away to get food,
While anxiously wait
Their timid young brood.

To our Father in heaven
Our voices we’ll raise,
With feelings most fervent,
In songs to his praise.

Dear Saviour, to love thee
Our hearts are inclined;
Oh, teach us, we pray thee,
Thy precepts to mind!

Upon our heart-garden,
Oh, let thy love rain,
Like fresh summer showers
Upon the young grain.

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