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Nursery-Rhymes-Fun News, Issue #139 --
August 01, 2018

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THERE were once some people who went away to the seaside. Before they left they closed up their house quite tight. And in doing so, they had forgotten the poor flowers in their greenhouse. Oh, my, the poor flowers would surely die of thirst. The fairies were very sorry for the poor pretty things.

“Can’t we help them?” they said, and they flew round the greenhouse, looking at the flowers through the glass, till at last they found a broken pane in the door. Then the fairies each got a dew-drop and flew in with it, but the poor flowers were so thirsty that the dew-drops were of no use to them.

“Oh, dear!” the fairies said, “however can we help them?”

They talked and talked for quite some time, but could think of no way. But the most beautiful of the fairies, who was also the wisest, flew away.

“How unfeeling she is!” said the others.

Next day the flowers in the greenhouse drooped more and more, and if you were to listen quite closely you might hear them murmuring “Water” almost with their last breath. Just then the little boy from next door climbed over the wall and looked through the glass at the flowers. Without a thought, he opened the greenhouse door and went in and began to water all of the thirsty flowers. And this he did every day.

“I wonder what made him think of it,” said all the fairies.

“Why, I did, of course,” said the wisest and most beautiful fairy. “While you were all chattering I went and sat on his pillow, and whispered to him all about the poor flowers next door. He thought it was a dream, but we and the flowers know better.”

So when the people of the house came back from the seaside they found all their flowers alive and well, and this was certainly very much more than they had any right to expect. And the master of the house was so pleased with the kind care the little boy next door had taken of the flowers that he gave them all to the little boy, and bought some new ones for his family.

The little boy agreed that every summer vacation, he would be happy to water the flowers in the greenhouse for the family while there were away. And the family agreed that the little boy was so caring and giving and such a wonderful neighbor that they gave him a special corner in their greenhouse to grow some flowers of his very own.


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