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Nursery-Rhymes-Fun News, Issue #135 --
May 01, 2018

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Little Sir Cat Meets Cinderella

One evening Little Sir Cat came to a small cottage, through the window of which he saw sitting by the fireside, a ragged girl and a queer little old woman dressed in a green gown and a high-peaked hat.

"I do believe that's her Fairy Godmother," he whispered, when, all of a sudden, the old woman waved her wand, and the next moment the ragged girl was clothed in a beautiful ball dress, and two cunning little glass slippers, just like those in the fairy story book, appeared on the hearth.

Then a big pumpkin rolled out through the door and turned into a splendid coach, followed by six little mice, who at once changed into six beautiful white horses.

"I'd like to have eaten one of those mice," thought Little Sir Cat, "but it's too late now."

Pretty soon the girl walked out in her little glass slippers and stepped into the coach, the powdered footman jumping up behind as it rattled down the street and away into the darkness.

Little Sir Cat was about to turn away disappointed and hungry, when the Fairy Godmother opened the window and looked out: "Why, kitten, what are you doing here?" she exclaimed.

"Looking for a place to sleep."

"Come right in," she answered, in a kind voice, and, leaning out, helped tired little Puss over the windowsill.

"Take off your boots and make yourself comfortable, while I get you a nice supper of cake and cream."

Standing his boots up in a corner of the room, he warmed his tired toes by the open fire. After he had eaten his supper the Fairy Godmother said, "You can stay here all night if you wish," and he was so tired and sleepy that he didn't hear her add, "but you'd better get away early before Cinderella's two big cross sisters come down for breakfast," for when he woke up it was morning and somebody was coming downstairs.

But, oh, dear me! He had hardly pulled on his boots when the door opened, and in came Cinderella's two cross and very ugly sisters.

"Good morning!" said Little Sir Cat.

"Mercy! What's that?" they both screamed, while one of them seized a long-handled broom, pushed him down the dark cellar steps and bolted the door. It was very damp and dark, just like a dungeon, and he was just about to give up all hope when the door at the head of the stairs opened, and there stood Cinderella.

"How you startled me!" she exclaimed, with a laugh, looking at his pretty red top boots. "But after what happened last night I ought not to be surprised at anything."

"Of course, I am sure you shouldn't," he answered.

"Why, Cat, what do you know?" asked Cinderella.

"I saw you last night as you left in the carriage, but I promise never to tell," he added, as a frightened look came over her pretty face. "May I have some breakfast and I shall be on my way?"

And when he had finished he said thank you and goodbye to Cinderella. Cinderella, still dreaming of the handsome prince whom she had met the night before, bid Little Sir Cat goodbye and offered him shelter should he ever pass her way again.

Can you guess what Little Sir Cat said to that?

He said "Perhaps I shall meet you next time in the castle?"


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