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Nursery-Rhymes-Fun News, Issue #140 --
August 30, 2018

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Phil and Marjorie might be described as a bit selfish. When baby brother had toddled up to them after dinner and asked them for a little bite of their candy they had run away and hidden behind the dresser, where they greedily ate it all. Soon after, while they were looking out of the nursery window, they saw a little boy earn a nickel by carrying several packages for a lady up to the front doorstep of her house. To their great surprise he ran down the street and gave it to a poor man on the corner.

This made the children think how mean they had been to their little brother. Phil said, "Let's go to the candy shop and buy a peppermint stick for baby brother. We'll take our very own money."

"Let's give the poor man something, too," added Marjorie, as she turned her bank upside down to get out the money.

"And I'll give my other five cent piece to the little boy who was so kind to the old man!" cried Phil.

When they returned both children were smiling happily. "Did you see how glad the little boy was to get the five cents?" asked Phil.

"Yes," answered Marjorie, "and did you hear how gratefully the old man thanked me?"

But all that baby brother said was "Yum! Yum!" as he sucked away on his pink and white peppermint stick!


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