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Let's Have Some Fun!

This month we're going to learn about Birds.

Little Brown Sparrows

“Little brown sparrows,
Flying around,
Up in the tree tops,
Down on the ground,

“Come to my window,
Dear sparrows, come!
See! I will give you
Many a crumb.

“Here is some water,
Sparkling and clear;
Come, little sparrows,
Drink without fear.

“If you are tired,
Here is a nest,
Wouldn’t you like to
Come here to rest?”

All the brown sparrows
Flutter away,
Chirping and singing,
“We cannot stay;

“For in the tree tops,
Among the gray boughs,
There is the sparrows’
Snug little house.”

Let’s Play A Game

An Imagining Game


This is a pretending game for little ones. Can be played with just two or more. Mother Bird leads. Anyone can act as mother bird. Mother bird and little birds all stretch wings. Look up at the pretty blue sky. Fly around lightly. Tuck wings under and hop. Drink from the pretty brook. Stretch wings ready to fly back home. Tired, breathe, raise and lower wings. Rest in your little nest.

Great pretend game to precede nap time - pretend, exercise, fun and rest - all wrapped in one game.


I am coming, I am coming!
Hark! the little bee is humming;
See, the lark is soaring high
In the blue and sunny sky;

And the gnats are on the wing,
Wheeling round in airy ring.
See, the yellow catkins cover
All the slender willows over!

And on the banks of mossy green
Star like primroses are seen;
And, their clustering leaves below,
White and purple violets grow.

Hark! the newborn lambs are bleating
And the cawing rooks are meeting
In the elms, a noisy crowd;
All the birds are singing loud;

And the first white butterfly
In the sunshine dances by.
Look around thee, look around!
Flowers in all the fields abound;

Every running stream is bright;
All the orchard trees are white;
And each small and waving shoot
Promises sweet flowers and fruit.

Let’s Play A Game


This is a very simple game. Each player places both hands on a table or in their lap, which he must raise whenever the conductor of the game says: "Birds fly," "Pigeons fly," or any other winged creatures "fly."

If the leader names any creature without wings, such as "Pigs fly," and any player thoughtlessly raises his hands, that player must pay a forfeit, as he must also do if he omits to raise his finger when a winged creature is named.

Gettin’ Crafty

Make a natural bird feeder - day old bagels, peanut butter, bird seed, sunflower seeds, string.

For longer lasting fun:

Build a bird feeder - or buy one ready made.
Place outside a window where it can be viewed by your child conspicuously.
Remember to keep it filled.
A bird identification book is an extremely handy tool.
Allow your child to try to identify the visitors and learn about each one.

Make up a story about each one.
What do they do when they aren’t visiting your birdfeeder.
Where do they go.
Where were they before they came to your window.

Let’s Pretend


Let’s Role Play: You're a bird.
Imagine what your life is like.
What is it like to have wings?
If you could fly where would you go?
What would you make your nest of?
Which tree would be more fun to live in?
Which bird would you rather be? Why?
Let the ideas to flow.

Do you have an activity or game that you’d like to share?
Leave a suggestion here.
Want a byline? Great - include your name.

"A Merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance."

The desire to play and frolic shall always be mankind‘s heritage.

Have fun
See you next month.

Riddles Are Lots ‘O Fun

What is that which flies high, flies low, has no feet, and yet wears shoes?—Dust.

Hope you’ll visit our site often and enjoy the many poems, stories and fun things to do.

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