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Let them be free - let them have fun - let them grow.


Catch a floater, catch an eel,
Catch a lazy whale,
Catch an oyster by the heel
And put him in a pail.
There’s lots of work for Uncle Ike,
Fatty Ford and me
All day long and half the night
A sailing on the sea.

Let’s Play A Game

Supplies needed:
Old magazines
Copies of photos of your family and/or friends.
(specified copies because you will need to cut them up)
Travel brochures or travel magazines.

We will be making a “pretend” vacation journal.
While looking through the old magazines or travel brochures, have your child cut out places they like and paste these into a scrapbook.

Paste the cutout pictures of your family and friends in the “places”

Make up a story of what your “vacation” was like.

Who did you see?
What did you do on your vacation?
What kind of places did you visit?

It might be so much fun that you’ll actually plan to go there next vacation.


Hitch up your cattle
And drive to Seattle
To see all the boats come in,
From Kibi and Kobi
And Panama Dobi
And some from the Islands of Myn.
They’re bringing us rices
And cocoa and spices
And pineapples done up in tin,
And maybe Aunt Dinah
Will come back from China
If ever the boats get in.

Let’s Play A Game

Winter - It's time for indoor games and activities.
Here are just a few ideas to use throughout the cold days ahead:

Forts built with furniture, sheets and pillows
An indoor hopscotch board on your rug “drawn” with painters tape
Indoor scavenger hunts

Take a fieldtrip to the Library. Pick out lots and lots of books.
After reading the books, make up a different ending or
continue them as if they were a sequel.
Draw a cartoon to go with your book.
Make up poems to go with your book.

Draw a mural -- Do you have a neighborhood newspaper? Sometimes they’ll give you the end of run paper. It’s a huge long sheet of paper - it lasts forever and is absolutely great for coloring.
Cheap too. Usually - Free!
(Note: I’d check that first - you never know)

Rhyming - Rhyme all kinds of silly things.

I went into the kitchen
I scared the little kitten.
I thought that I’d be bitten
But instead I bit the kitten.

Gettin’ Crafty

Snowman Cookies

Supplies Needed:

Large marshmallows (2 for each cookie)
Chocolate bar
Peanut butter or honey
Small pretzel sticks
Candy kisses
String licorice
Cinnamon candies
Graham crackers (1 for each cookie)
(alternative decorations: cake decorating gel tubes of different colors)

Building the snowman from bottom up:

Place one graham cracker on bottom.
On the graham cracker - place one blob of peanut butter or honey.
Stick to that a marshmallow
Another dab of honey or peanut butter on top of the marshmallow.
And, another marshmallow on top of that.
One more dab of honey or peanut butter and then
A square of chocolate bar
A small dab of honey and top it off with a
Candy kiss on top.

There. Your snowman is built. Now you can decorate him.

To decorate your snowman:
Push two pretzel sticks in each side of the bottom marshmallow for arms.
Using honey: stick two raisins for eyes. Cinnamon candy for nose and licorice for his mouth. Raisins for buttons. And. . .

A sweet snowman. Too cute to eat?

Let’s Pretend


Role Playing is Fun - Let’s pretend we’re Pirates.

Big boxes make the best boats. You can color them and make construction paper sails. Or use a sheet attached to a broom.

My personal favorite is a refrigerator box, but any box big enough to hold your child will do.

A Riddle

If all the seas were dried up, what would everybody say?—
We haven't a notion (an ocean).

Do you have an activity or game that you’d like to share?
Leave a suggestion here.
Want a byline? Great - include your name.

Have fun
See you next month.

Hope you’ll visit our site often and enjoy the many poems, stories and fun things to do.

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Have fun while growing their imaginations.

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