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Striving for Stress Free Homework Time


Parents and children alike feel the pressure of homework time. It's never a good idea to leave it for the end of the day when everyone is cranky and hungry, but it’s often hard for kids to stay motivated after being in school all day.


These conditions can bring on a major meltdown if not handled correctly. Children feel stress the same as adults, so the key to getting homework hour accomplished without a hitch is to de-stress the situation. With a few changes and some tech boosts, there are a few tried-and-true parenting hacks for a painless homework routine.

Offer the right tools

Keeping up morale during homework time is vital, but it’s not always easy to do. Offering the right tools to your child for study time is essential, and a tablet can help immensely. Not only are there tons of learning apps to help with homework, your child can also play games after homework is done or stream a video or movie.


The new iPad is extremely versatile and has a long battery life, which makes it easy to carry anywhere. Take it to the kitchen, back porch, or library. Another option is the Android Galaxy Tab S4, which comes with a handy s-pen.

Smart Study Spot

Where is the most productive place to study in your home? Consider your child's study habits and personality traits to designate the best place in the house to get homework done. It may be at the kitchen table, bedroom desk, or quiet corner in the living room. So long as it’s a place that is free of distractions, having an area to sit and work can be hugely beneficial to your child.


When you designate a special spot for homework, it helps your child mentally prepare for the work ahead of them. Help your child learn organizational skills so that study time goes as smoothly as possible. It’s much easier to get the work done when in the right frame of mind.

Timing is Everything

Making sure there is a set time of day when your child can work is important. This will help to establish a routine and will allow her to create healthy habits. Choosing the best time for your child to get started on homework will depend, at least in part, on how the school day went. If your child is feeling stressed or needs to let out some energy, consider allowing some outdoor play time for half an hour. 


Consider, as well, that most kids are usually hungry right after school. They want to decompress after a noisy bus ride and their hectic school schedule. A snack and quiet time are the first after school objectives in most homes. It is a great time to catch up with your kid about what happened at school and how their day went.


Choose a time slot for homework when everyone is busy working. It's hard to concentrate on schoolwork if others around you are playing or watching television.

Provide the Emotional Essentials

Homework time often occurs when the day is almost over, and sometimes kids are running out of steam emotionally, especially if it has been a hard day or the subject matter has been giving them trouble. It is important to remember to encourage and motivate your child, and to show as much empathy as needed.


Kids need to know you care about what they are doing and see the effort they are putting in. Show them you are invested as much as they are. Express your understanding when they get frustrated or annoyed. Knowing you are on their side can make a huge difference in attitude.


Making homework time a no-stress situation isn't as hard as it might seem. Staying calm and being prepared goes a long way in helping both of you make the most of this time together. When homework is completed and you've worked together to complete an important goal, that's a win.

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