"I'm Bored!"

If you have kids, there's a good chance you've heard that phrase a time or two.

And, just like that, you're supposed to fix it.

Fear Not!

Want a secret tool in your kit to help knockout boredom when it threatens?

101 Awesome Kid Fun Family Activities

Kids just want to have fun.  We, as parents, grandparents and educators want that too.  But, if we sneak in a little creativity and learning from time to time, would that be a bad thing?

101 Awesome Kid Fun Activities is packed full of creative, fun and engaging activities for kids of all ages.  One kid, a large group, or somewhere in between, there's an activity in your book that will fill the void and knock out boredom in its tracks.

Ideas for fun family outings or stay-at-home things to do - inside or out.  Even gloomy, rainy days are fun again with the bright ideas you'll find in your book.  Around town or roaming the great beyond - there's an exploration idea to fit any need that might arise.

Here's a few highlights of what you'll get

  • More than 101 fresh ideas at your fingertips to banish boredom fast.
  • Ideas to funnel that kid energy into something creative, educational and entertaining.
  • Easy to follow instructions will have the kids moving, creating and entertained in no time.
  • Easy on the budget.  Easy to implement ideas take the creating pressure off you.
  • Family activities you do together create memories that last.
  • No tv, video games or smart phones required.
  • Put the wow factor back into their days without the need for the screen and enjoy your . . .
  • Happy busy kids.

Kids - Fun - Creativity - Exercise - Education

It's a win - win - winning combination


If you're ready to quell the boredom when it threatens . . .

                 Get your copy of
101 Awesome Kid Fun Family Activities


As a thank you today and, as a way to get the ball rolling (no pun intended), I've included a few helpful bonuses - FREE.  These special bonuses play off of just a couple of the many activities you'll find in your new book and kick those ideas into high gear quickly.

Bonus #1

Hand Shadows Book. All you need is a light source and nimble fingers to make your hand puppets come alive. Hand Shadows will show you how.

The kids will be amazed at how easy it is and how many shapes can be made with just your hands and wiggly fingers.

The Hand Shadows bonus book is a 16 page booklet with easy to follow illustrations, showing how to hold your hands and arrange your fingers to produce the magical shadows on the wall.

It’s all in the manipulation of the fingers and it’s crazy-easy to do.

Secret tip: Don’t show the book to your kids just yet. Instead, set up your light and WOW your kids with your magical powers. Whoever said Mom isn’t awesome?

Regularly priced $5.97 it’s yours totally free with your purchase of 101 Awesome Kid Fun Activities.

Bonus #2

The Hare and The Hedgehog Play will get you started with an engaging, thought-provoking script ready for a small cast of 3, which makes it quite easy to gather participants for your initial venue.

Additionally: Scripts make great interactive reading texts that will “up the fun” of your beginner reader’s evening story time. Share the lines, share the reading. Interactive reading is a lot of fun. Educational too.

Regularly priced $5.00 it’s yours today, totally free with your purchase.

Bonus #3

Dame Cricket’s Story is a short skit with a cast for as few as 4 and up to 11 if you have available participants. You’ll love the endearing story and your kids will have a blast playing crickets.

Regularly priced $5.00 it’s yours today, totally free with your purchase.

If you’ve been with me for a while, you’ll know the benefits of role play and creative thinking. And you’ll know how highly I recommend utilizing this script method of role play. You and the kids will love these dramatizations and the fun they provide for the performers as well as the spectators.

Bonus #4

Random Acts of Kindness Idea Generator Checklist. Start today. Pick just one idea and do it. Help to make your world and the lives of those around you a better place. All it takes is one word, one act, one gift, one smile. Pay it forward. Reap the rewards. You’ll be so glad you did.

This checklist is my gift. Free, today with your purchase.

These bonuses together easily sell for over $15.00, but you’ll get all four super helpful tools to add to your “Banish Boredom Toolkit” – absolutely FREE- today as my Thank You for purchasing your new activity book.

Get your copy of 101 Awesome Kid Fun Family Activities

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When you factor in the value of the three free bonuses, it’s like getting your 101 Awesome Activities for free.

How cool is that? 

Here's to Your Family Fun,

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